Jumping The Broom

Broom Jumping is the most commonly known African American Wedding tradition. It originated in the United States during a time when slaves did not have the right to marry and was popularized by Alex Haley's Roots. African American couples choose to include it in their modern ceremony because they want to include some cultural aspects in their wedding.

In Africa, it was customary in certain places for the wife to sweep the floor with a broom as a symbol of her committment to help the in-laws with their housework. In America, African Americans view it as a symbol of new beginnings.

Jumping the Broom Ceremony

Get a broom, you can decorate a broom from local hardware store or purchase a heritage wedding broom online.

During the ceremony, the bride and groom sweep the floor while the wedding officiant talks. After the encouraging words have been spoken, the bride and groom place the broom on the floor, take each others hand, and jump!

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