Destination Wedding

Should We have a Desination Wedding in Africa?

Africa is a great place to get married. Couples have their choice of eloping, the number of friends and family present, exotic beaches, safari, tribal locations, and modern hotels.

Many couples that choose destination weddings because they would rather spend their money on an entire weekend over a reception hall for a few hours. Also, desination weddings are generally cheaper than traditional weddings because of a smaller guest list and couples can save travel expenses by having their honeymoon where they're married.

Some couples shy away from destination weddings because they want to celebrate their big day with people unable to travel to distant locations. A simple and inexpensive remedy is to hold a reception dinner at a local restaurant a few weeks after. Restaurants usually charge 50% less for a big sit down dinner than traditional wedding parties.

How Do We Handle the Logistics of Our Desination Wedding?

1.) The internet offers free resources. Be sure to do your research.

2.) Speak with a travel agent. They can be very knowledegeable about current laws, regulations, and travel news. In addition to benefiting from their experience, you will probably save many hours of research and planning simply by speaking to them.

Does Planning a Remote Wedding Require a Wedding Planner?

Not at all. Remote wedding planning doesn't have to be super difficult at all. Many locations have websites filled with pictures, location dimensions, and pertinent details. If you don't feel comfortable communicating cross-culturally or have a dislike for organizing, go ahead and consider enlisting a professional.

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